Typical Value is Affect by the Thickness of Sandwichpanel.              使用注意事项    

Thermoplastic Sandwich Panels热塑性三明治板
       Category Flakes                片料类别       
Lightweight Thermoplastic Sandwich Panels(PP).轻量化热塑性三明治板材(PP基)。
       The Main Features            主要特点          ·Specially Designed Strcture, Light Weight         ·耐热水性能优·Excellent Specific Strength and Modulus          ·表面光泽度优异·Good Chemical and Water Resistance              ·强度/刚性佳·Recyclable, Environment Friendly                     ·优异的着色性能
        Recommended                 推荐用途         
Because of the High Strength and Lightweight and Recyclable, this Kind of Sandwich Panels are Suitable for Van Panels, Architecture Application and High-end Packing Field.