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Zhenshi Group New Materials co., LTD. specializing in the production of SMC sheet and assembly and sales of glass fiber door, glass door panels, automobile, sanitary ware, such as high performance composite materials, products, China has become the world's largest composites industry capacity, product development is one of the strongest enterprises.The company was founded in 2008 and the United States, because the company's technology center in the United States, and the United States at the beginning of the new materials technology innovation team, there are eight members (three PhD), SMC in the research process, forming, the main direction of thermoplastic products. R&D:Since its establishment, innovation team successively took special attention:1 Provincial technology innovation project;2 New product development projects at the provincial level;6 Provincial industrial new product projects;1Tongxiang city science and technology project. Patents:Authorized Invention Patents 3,Utility Model Patents 25,Appearance design patent 6,Core journals 3  Glories:Tongxiang city team set up technology center was rated as "Enterprise Technology Center"."High and New Technology Research and Development Center of Jiaxing City".

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Invention Patent

At present, we had a 30 patents, HuaMei three patents of invention, 30 patents of utility model.