Zhenshi Group Huamei New materials Co.,Ltd.

 As a professional composites manufacturer, Zhenshi Group Huamei New materials Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhenshi Holding Group, which is ranked among China Top 500 Private Enterprises and China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises.  Huamei is located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, China. We mainly produce fiberglass door, thermoplastic materials, thermosetting products and pultrusion products , with wide applications in construction industry, automobile industry as well as wind energy industry. The products of Huamei has been exported to Europe, America, Middle-East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.Adhering to the goal of “Better material, better life”, Huamei is committed to be an innovative manufacturer of composite materials, creating more value for it’s customers and partners.

Equipment Capacity

3 SMC production lines which import from America and Japan26 sets of press between 300-400 tons, a door production line with an annual output of 100,000 doorsand the automatic spraying line from Italy.
Company Culture
We firmly believe that only cultural heritage, is the soul of vibration stone. Thousands of miles begins with small steps. It is always adhering to the "BEHAVIOR, INNOVATION, RESPONSIBILITY, LEARNING, ENTHUSIASM" Sthe core concept, Zhenshi to stand out, so special. Zhenshi intangible, tangible culture.


The stone bone HongMeng at the beginning of heaven and earthSupport the event, having gathered everything together, tirelessly, selfless hero educationStone is benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, brave, cleanVibration survey believe that enterprise is peopleEvery step of our growth, is done in the vibration shape of stone "personality"With "quality as the cornerstone of stone", just had today stably and unhesitatingly, sounds far away of the rock and the smellThe products of natural stone to stone, the stone of the firm, the soul of a stone, original a road to last forever


Drainage clear expectations, because the sourceInnovation is the development of the source and formation, formation and cultural essenceIt is innovation, and always adhere to endless innovation have a starting pointThis makes the formation calmly cope with the changing of external tradeInnovation is an inclusiveAll rivers run into sea, began to surge currentWa surname is foster diversity of thought and innovation spirit from the soilCasino best director, and ultimately become the pioneer spirit.


And the sorrow first, have a strong bearing
Yong when she is unremitting faith of golemStone, never to pure profit growth for the pursuit of goalsWe believe in the enterprise development with individual and societyInsist to give back to societyValue of vibration stone in the dedication


Don't climb the mountain, I do not know day high
Through the clouds, the vibration of golem more yearning blue skyLearning is the driving force of innovationWho can only thin hairA man never constrained at the pace of the presentWe try to construct the learning-type enterpriseTo move forward in the footsteps of more robust


Have a passion
The eagle can fight the skyDragons can shedPassion is the driving force for the mini-sculpture of vibrationNo matter how much wind and rain throughHardships and frustrations, glory and auraNever change the vibration survey enterprising passionStone every peak vibration is a new starting pointYoung vibration yong yuan shi, there is no end in pursuit

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